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Small Publishers!
Trade Over the Web - Just Like the Large Publishers

B2B E-Commerce for Small Publishers enables small publishers to launch a full-featured B2B e-commerce web site and join the leading global e-marketplace used by thousands of booksellers from over 95 countries.

The Hosted Solution
The /EXCHANGE hosted service makes it simple for small publishers to easily deploy a PubEasy web site without a high investment in hardware and software, system maintenance, IT staff and telecommunications. Our step-by-step installation pack ensures quick installation with minimal technical know-how.

PubEasy /EXCHANGE Affiliates

Join /EXCHANGE  and the PubEasy Global e-Marketplace

Increase your Direct Business
/EXCHANGE provides booksellers with the ability to access your titles and place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the PubEasy e-Marketplace.

Now you can trade electronically without EDI and with booksellers all around the world.

By launching an /EXCHANGE web site, booksellers can access your list for:

  • Title, price and availability search capabilities
  • Order Placement
  • Links to your title and marketing web pages
  • Custom publisher and bookseller e-Catalogs
  • Tracking and reporting capabilities
Expand your Global Reach
Reach new markets and obtain worldwide visibility for your titles on the /EXCHANGE service.Over 4,200 registered booksellers from across the world login to the expanding PubEasy Affiliate Community of publishers, distributors and wholesalers.

Eliminate Routine Order Processing and Customer Service Costs
Electronic exchange of files eliminates re-keying of data and reduces routine telephone inquiries, which enhances turn-around time for order fulfillment.

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